Born in Lucca (Tuscany) in 1947, a city where he lives and works at present time.
At the age of 25, (in 1972) he participated to the tenth edition of the Quadriennale D'Arte di Roma that took place at the Palace of Congress in Rome.
He has had exhibits worlwide, Italy, France, Spain, Asia, Barhain, U.S. etc.

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In 1980, he achieved Limoges' First Plate for
The Sistina Gallery in Rome has produced a documentary: "Giampaolo Bianchi,
this love" screened at the F.A.O. Pavillion in Rome and then produced and distribuited in the U.S.
...and much more

Musée "A. Rambaut" - Mezieres
Gallerie "F.L." - Charleville - Mezieres
Italian Institute of Culture - Madrid
Columbus - New York
10° Quadriennale (1972) - Roma
Rocca Ariostesca - Castelnuovo Garfagnana
La Piramide Gallery - Lucca
L'incontro Gallery - Verona
La Cupola Gallery - Montecatini Terme
Artecasa Gallery - Pisa
Blue Chips Gallery - Lucca
Up Gallery - Pistoia
Il Tritone Gallery - Biella
Alexandra Gallery - Rovigo
Il Putto Gallery - Pontedera
C.Banti Gallery - Santa Croce sull'Arno
Arcadia Gallery - Pisa
La Cornice Gallery - Perugia
Linea '70 Gallery - Sansepolcro
Sistina Gallery - Roma
Scorpio's Gallery - Arezzo

La Meridiana Gallery - Verona
Il Cavalletto Gallery - Bari
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La Nuova Forma - Larciano
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Civic Museum of Badia al Pino - Monteriggioni
Culture Palace (G. Lazzareschi Foundation) - Porcari